Friday, 20 November 2015

Norwich Over the Water

Eighteenth century prospect of north
Norwich, centred on St Clement's Church
This morning volunteers interested in researching and promoting the history, heritage and archaeology of the north of city will be gathering at The Stage along St Augustines. I will be helping to facilitate this project, which we are calling 'Magdalen Walks'. As well as working together to research our area, by late Spring 2016 we will be offering tours of Norwich 'Over The Water'. Walking is a key part of our venture, and this is about encouraging curiosity, discovery and physical and mental health. In addition, we will be working with BBC Voices to make a series of films showcasing this historic heart of Norwich. 

Having lived in the north of the city for 23 years now, getting the opportunity to help promote the history, heritage and archaeology of 'my patch' really excites me! If you're interested in getting involved, email me on 

Colin Howey
Freelance Heritage Interpretation Trainer

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