Friday, 14 July 2017

A Feast of Food & History! Sunday 23rd July

© Nick Stone, 2017 - Thanks to Nick for granting us permission
to share his brilliant 'ghost' photography.
On Sunday 23rd July Colin Howey of Magdalen Walks will be leading a food/drink themed walk exploring some of the fascinating  history, archaeology and heritage of the Magdalen Street area. 

This will last just over an hour - long enough to work up an appetite! 

Happily, we will finish the walk at the Silver Road Community Centre where members of our 'sister' group, Magdalen Eats', will be cooking up a great BBQ. 

Come along for a feast of history and food - a real taste of what the community of Norwich Over The Water has to offer!

Sunday 23rd July.

Assembly Point
Sahara Café, Magdalen Street (opposite Anglia Square).

Start time and duration
Although the walk leaves the lovely Sahara Café at 11am I would encourage all participants to come and have a drink before we move off. Café opens at 10:30am. The walk will last no more than an hour and a quarter. 

£5.90 per person

Payment methods:


You can pay in cash on the day. However, if this is your preferred option, please can you book places via Colin so that we have an indication of how many people to expect.


Alternatively, you can pay in advance via Eventbrite

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Magdalen Walks: 'Passing on the Craft - Stonemasonry in North Norwich' with Colin Howey

In this film, Colin gives us a glimpse of a very special project that is building within St. Clements Church, Colegate. The Guild of St Stephen & St George are training the next generation of stonemasons. There’s more to this than meets the eye!

For details about Colin's walk on October 8th, see below:

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Magdalen Walks: 'Walking with Strong Women' - Susan Kyd

In this film Sue shares her love of Magdalen Street and her sense of connection with the people who’ve walked it, including her grandparents, who she discovers have a very special connection with St. Saviours Lane. For details about Susan's tour on October 8th, see below:

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Magdalen Walks: 'The Nature of the North City' with Ernie Woodrow

In this film Ernie shares his love of nature and why it’s important to him. It’s amazing what you can see in green spaces around Magdalen Street – it’s all about knowing where to look...

For details about Ernie's walk on October 8th please see below:

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Magdalen Walks: 'Your Money or Your Life' with Stuart McLaren

In his film, Stuart whets our appetite about a tale of civil war, slavery, religious strife, highwaymen and worsted weaving: the woeful tale of Mr Bryant Lewis, 'barbarously murdered upon ye heath at Thetford in 1698'. 

For details about Stuart's talk in St George's Church on Saturday 13th please see below:

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Magdalen Walks: 'Viking Norwich - the defences and heart of Northwic'

In this short film Magdalen Walks member, Trevor Nuthall, gives us a glimpse of the 'hidden' history of Viking Norwich. If you wish to learn more, follow the Magdalen Walks blog and keep an eye out for dates when Trevor will be offering this walk to the public.

For details about Trevor's walk on October 8th see below:

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Magdalen Walks - 'Colegate's Architecture through the Ages' with Andrew Eeles

Magdalen Walks, a group that meets to build and give local walks, has made a series of 6 films based around Magdalen Street in Norwich. Each one has been made by a different person and each shares with us something special that they have noticed about the area. 

In this film Andrew gives us a glimpse into his world, one of wandering down hidden passages and noticing the often missed detail on buildings. What does it reveal about the people that lived there?

For details about Andrew's walk on October 8th see below:

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