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The purposes of the group are to:-

1. Learn collaboratively about the history, heritage, archaeology, architecture, people and environment of Norwich
2. Develop resources and activities that contribute to the wider community’s understanding of history and archaeology
3. Develop activities that enhance/maintain the wellbeing and emotional resilience of club members
4. Be actively inclusive - open, accessible and welcoming to all
5. Represent the area’s heritage and residents by publicizing, commenting and co-ordinating responses on planning, transportation and other proposed changes for the area.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Magdalen Walks - 'Colegate's Architecture through the Ages' with Andrew Eeles

Magdalen Walks, a group that meets to build and give local walks, has made a series of 6 films based around Magdalen Street in Norwich. Each one has been made by a different person and each shares with us something special that they have noticed about the area. 

In this film Andrew gives us a glimpse into his world, one of wandering down hidden passages and noticing the often missed detail on buildings. What does it reveal about the people that lived there?

For details about Andrew's walk on October 8th see below:

To enlarge, please click on image

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